The Creating Chances Youth Development Pathway

The Creating Chances Youth Development Pathway offers a structured and progressive program that engages, trains, educates and provides rewarding opportunities through adolescence and early adulthood.

With an early focus on transition from primary school, each program on the Pathway steps participants through learning and applying 21st Century skills, with an end-goal of readiness for leadership, mentoring and employment opportunities.

Run in the structured environments of schools and community organisations, each program on the Pathway uses the power of sport as an engagement tool to inspire, develop and empower young people to believe in themselves so they contribute positively to society and create positive change in the world.

The Creating Chances Youth Development Pathway features a series of 10-week programs that includes:

1. Creating Champions

2. Creating Coaches

3. Creating Game Changers

Complementing these programs and a vital part of the journey along the Pathway are additional experiences offered by Creating Chances, designed to further develop resilience and leadership skills. These include:

4. Inspirational Experiences including leadership camps and seminars

5. Community sports programs

Each Creating Chances program fits into this pathway of learning and experience for participants, to encourage ongoing development throughout school.

Each program on the Pathway is designed to actively engage young people through sessions in the classroom and on the field, specifically focusing on the skills required to navigate life effectively and contribute to the wider Australian community as agents of positive social change.

Our Facilitators work with young people every day, and provide them practical opportunities to build self-esteem as they become leaders and mentors to children in their communities. Many of these young people then stay on and become CC Facilitators. Others take these skills and a new sense of self-worth into adulthood, opening up a world of higher education opportunities and employment pathways.