Young people are at the centre of what we do as an organisation. Together we explore the complexities of young people in today’s society, drive innovative solutions and empower young people to lead. 

This is why we are excited to collaborate with The BELA Program, led by former Creating Chances Facilitator Elizabeth Koudakpo, who is now creating exciting positive social change initiatives with our long-term collaborators SydWest Multicultural Services.

The BELA Program is a mentoring and skills development program designed to increase the leadership and advocacy skills of newly arrived migrant youth from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds. It aimed to equip these young people with the necessary tools to represent themselves and their own communities.

To cap off the final session of the BELA Program, Creating Chances’ Facilitator Leader, Paul Saulog, led the session, facilitating an engaging, experiential workshop that created space for the young leaders to:

  • connect in a non-judgemental and fun environment
  • reflect on their own ways of thinking, and be comfortable sharing what they know 
  • consider how they can connect with others

Participants discovered stories and quotes on influential leaders who made an impact in their respective communities, and how their experiences are similar to their own issues they are facing. They worked cooperatively to complete an Escape Room challenge, which touched on their collaboration skills and problem-solving skills; it also encouraged a positive growth mindset when faced with difficult challenges. 

After spending many weeks building connections and learning together, another powerful activity was shared that saw the participants write down positive characteristics about each other that encouraged and reinforced the skills and traits each person had to be able to make real change in their local communities.

Paul was inspired by the young leaders.

“The final BELA session was a special experience to be a part of, and I believe it will leave a lasting impression on these young people, and others that they will get to lead along the way”.

Elizabeth echoed that sentiment, indicating that “the young people said it was the best session throughout the program”.

We look forward to seeing the young leaders bring their ideas to life! 

To enquire further about Creating Chances training and partnership opportunities, please contact our team on 1300 298 528 or email our Partnerships and Capacity Building Coordinator, Anyier Yuol, at anyier@creatingchances.org.au