Community sports programs

Our community-based sports programs are a vital part of the Creating Chances Youth Development Pathway. They provide an additional opportunity for the practical activation of the life skills taught in Creating Chances Pathway programs and are another means with which to develop and engage young people – and children.

Creating Chances' runs community programs in conjunction with our founding partners: Football United and Rugby Youth Foundation.

Football United

Creating Chances works with Football United to operate football based programs in 15 schools and community settings around South West and Western Sydney.

Football United uses the magic of football to bring people together for the common goal of creating harmonious and cohesive societies. We aim to build capacity of communities and improve the skills of people in diverse areas that includes high proportions of refugee, migrant and Indigenous Australian children, youth and families.




    Rugby in the Park

    Rugby in the Park is community-owned program from Rugby Youth Foundation that provides a structured and fun program based at school and community park locations.

    Using a rugby ball as the tool, and with a goal of encouraging participation as players, administrators, officials and volunteers, the program is built around a range of activities designed to build self-esteem and teach important values and life skills including self-confidence, teamwork and cooperation, leadership, trust, communication, inclusion, discipline, respect and fair play.

    Participants have the opportunity to meet with other young people and be provided with role models and mentors from other Creating Chances programs in a safe and positive environment.




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