Creating Chances: for schools

Creating Chances provides internationally and nationally renowned best practice, evidence-based programs promoting positive youth development through sport.

We offer programs for both primary schools and high schools, with all our programs fitting within the Creating Chances Youth Development Pathway and designed to engage students with their education and their future.

Through the unique blend of program content, delivery methods and resources, Creating Chances is committed to working alongside schools to deliver specific outcomes for young people, schools and the community.

About the Creating Chances Youth Development Pathway

The Creating Chances Youth Development Pathway offers a structured and progressive program that engages, trains, educates and provides rewarding opportunities from childhood, through to adolescence and early adulthood. There are five stages in the Creating Chances Youth Development Pathway, each designed for different stages of student development. Find out more about the Pathway.

A long-term journey

Creating Chances encourages ongoing development throughout school. Our programs are designed to actively engage young people through sessions in the classroom and on the field, with a focus on delivering the skills required to navigate life effectively and contribute to their communities as agents of positive social change.

Outcomes focused

Our pathway programs have a strong focus on individual student growth and development across life skills including resilience, social and emotional intelligence, pro-social behaviour, coping and more.

Students develop an appreciation for school, optimism, and a sense of belonging, which feeds into better school and community engagement, further education opportunities and employment during and after high school.

A Monitoring and Evaluation team at the University of NSW measures outcomes across every Creating Chances program using qualitative and quantitative evaluation processes to measure social and individual changes among program participants including:

Resilience, Pro-social behavior, Peer problems, Social Self-Efficacy, Attitudes toward school, Level of optimism.

Check out an example report which was prepared for a school following a program in 2019.

What do program sessions look like?

Sessions are designed according to the process of experiential learning, using a unique combination of workshop and field-based activities. Each session is interactive and includes a variety of innovative teaching techniques to keep participants fully engaged including:

  • sports activities
  • role play
  • facilitated group discussions
  • story boarding
  • photography

Creating Chances Facilitators

Each program is led by a highly trained and accredited Creating Chances Head Facilitator, often with the aid of an Assistant Facilitator, who use cutting edge educational resources todeliver each workshop, lesson and activity.

Creating Chances is committed to the wellbeing framework for schools.




Proven Outcomes


Programs operated by Creating Chances, including the Youth Developm


  • Improve student engagement
  • Reduce peer-related problems
  • Improve cross-cultural understanding
  • Enhance pro-social behaviour
  • Enhance student health and happiness
  • Increase resilience and coping skills


Alignment with national and state syllabi and frameworks

The content and materials used in each Creating Chances program have been aligned with the outcomes prescribed in a range of syllabi across a number of curriculum areas, including:

  • General Capabilities in the Australian National Curriculum
  • Wellbeing framework
  • Delivering outcomes related to school’s PBL
  • Creating community connections
  • Crossroads
  • Physical activity, sports studies and recreation
  • Welfare


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