Explore professional development opportunities

Experience Creating Chances’ half or full-day workshops, including our Diversity and Inclusion training, and our Understanding Community series.

Together we explore the complexities of young people in today’s society, innovative solutions to sustain engagement and impact for young people, and bring clarity to key stakeholder engagement strategies in our experiential workshops tailored to your organisation.

Learn how we delivered professional development facilitator training for National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy to support their nationwide expansion project.

Engage staff and customers

Our unique World Traditional Games is a gala day-style sports tournament delivered by trained young people during an enthralling half or full-day schedule. We journey across the globe to learn about others through inclusive sport and games. 

Underpinned by a celebration of diversity and inclusion, the games bring to life planning, bonding, and trust outcomes that foster a positive team culture. 

Creating Chances offers workplace giving and individual fundraising support.

Learn how we collaborated with Deloitte staff to deliver Future Pathways workshops with students from Holroyd High School.

Transform youth and communities through meaningful partnerships

Partnerships with purpose transform young people and their communities through integrated programs that can present a social and economic impact on education and employment, that develop employability skills, provide access to mentors, and opportunities for work experience. 

Through strong partnerships and cross-sector collaboration, we design and implement tailored programs and branded campaigns to meet the needs of organisations, staff, and customers as we create future pathways for young people.

Learn how we’ve built and sustained a long-term partnership with Macquarie Group Foundation to achieve outcomes in employment skills for young people

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