Program outcomes

Our programs are designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • encourage young people to dream big and achieve their goals – to write their own stories
  • inspire, develop and empower young people to believe in themselves so they contribute positively to society and create positive changes in the world
  • break the cycle for young people who have experienced disadvantage
  • promote employment pathways and improve employment prospects for young people
  • provide young people with access and opportunity to participate in sport
  • teach young people vital life skills to assist them with navigating the demands of everyday life
  • create chances for belonging, inclusion, social cohesion, and intercultural understanding
  • improve leadership skills, self-esteem, self-awareness and self belief in young Australians
  • improve education outcomes by encouraging young people to engage with school and their teachers
  • encourage young people to better engage with their families and their communities
  • connect young people across cultures and across communities
  • provide opportunities for young people to become coaches, mentors and role models for younger children, to encourage peer learning
  • assist in the transition from primary school to high school, and high school to tertiary or employment