Creating Chances remains dedicated to ensuring that all our programs and the Creating Chances Youth Development Pathway are cutting edge and utilise the latest research and recognised best practice methodologies.

Our partnership with the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of NSW means that every single Creating Chances program is monitored and evaluated to ensure outcomes are maximised for every single participant.


The research team uses qualitative and quantitative evaluation processes including participatory action research methods designed to assess community development and social inclusion impacts as well as process evaluation. The team measures and reports on each project’s success and impact through self-completed surveys, face to face interviews with participants and key informants in the community.

Proven Outcomes


Programs operated by Creating Chances, including the Youth Developm


  • Improve student engagement
  • Reduce peer-related problems
  • Improve cross-cultural understanding
  • Enhance pro-social behaviour
  • Enhance student health and happiness
  • Increase resilience and coping skills


Additionally, Creating Chances is dedicated to conducting ongoing research projects in positive youth development through sport and the general development of young people, as identified through the University of NSW.