Creating Chances Team

The dedicated and experienced team behind Creating Chances bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the organisation. The make up of our team is diverse – we come from different places but we’re all striving for the same goal.

Creating Chances Board

Justin Scheinberg – Chairman

Dr. Anne Bunde-Birouste – Director

Daniela Chiew – Director

Dr. Sally Nathan – Director

Kay Rigas – Director

Paul Robertson – Director

Martha Travis – Director


Mike Brown – Company Secretary

Creating Chances Team

Brad McCarroll – General Manager

Mark Busby – Head of School Engagement and Delivery

Maria Vaccarella – Finance and Business Services Manager

Ellis Cleaver – School Program Operations Coordinator

Paul Saulog – School Engagement and Facilitator Leader

Assmaah Helal – Head of Operational Growth

Natasha Hill – Community Coordinator, Events and Partnerships

Julie Barnett – Accounts and Finance

Stuart Meney – Head of Digital and Regional Manager

Anyier Yuol – Partnerships and Capacity Building Coordinator

Margie Andreason – Employment Pathways Coordinator

Veronica Robertson – Grants Manager

Joe Tau – Facilitator Leader and Pacific Waves

Eve Wilcox – Communications Officer and Facilitator Leader

Rob Sutton – Facilitator Leader


Creating Chances Facilitators

Afaf Ayache

Ayman Hill

Atina Sliwa

Ben Lawry

Connor Marshall

Ellis Cleaver

Emily Paul

Eve Wilcox

Halima Elsayed

Hamza Khan

George Taualai

Jacky Nghia Tran

Jayme Fressard

Joe Tau

Kalil Pinto

Khokhi Sfoog

Kirstie Lawson

Margie Andréason

Mark Busby

Marvin Sabbag

Mariam Akoba

Natasha Hill

Noor Hanteia

Paul Saulog

Robert Sutton

Salman Khan

Shegofa Hassani

Stuart Meney

Sasha Hammoud

Theo Birouste

Zahrah Shaddad