Creating Chances provides internationally renowned best practice, evidence-based programs promoting positive youth development through sport.


Youth Development Pathway

We offer programs for primary schools and high schools, with all our programs fitting within the Creating Chances Youth Development Pathway – a structured and progressive program that is designed to build confident, capable and future-ready young people.

Corporate and Community Partnerships

Tailored training programs including  professional development for teachers, seminars for community and youth workers, ongoing learning and development for Creating Chances Facilitators and accredited sports coaching.

Research and

A Monitoring and Evaluation team at UNSW measures social and individual outcomes across every Creating Chances program including: Resilience, pro-social behaviour, peer problems, social self-efficacy, attitudes toward school and level of optimism.

Each Creating Chances program fits into a pathway of learning and experience for participants, to encourage ongoing development.

Participation in Creating Chances improves the lives of young people. Check out these amazing stories of change!



“The program has improved my confidence and made me a more outgoing person.

I feel I have accomplished a few of the goals and become more confident. It made me a better person.”

— Mason, Student, Gorokan High School

Real stories. Real change.

Meet Samar. And Mikayla. And Emre. And Krish. And Rhiannon. These are just a handful of the thousands of inspirational stories from young people which show that Creating Chances isn’t just about ticking boxes. It’s about real, tangible and measurable outcomes for students, and a long lasting impact on communities.


Our programs have a strong focus on individual student growth and development across life skills including resilience, social and emotional intelligence, pro-social behaviour, coping and more. Results are triangulated against school data, and a comprehensive report is developed for each school. Follow the link below to see an example report.

Creating Chances programs delivered since 2015

high school students completed a Creating Chances program since 2015

primary school children participated in programs run by youth coaches since 2015

participants have attended a Creating Chances camp since 2015

Creating Chances uses the power of sport to unify communities, promote cross-cultural understanding and bring about social change.


"Creating Chances has changed my life. It gave me the confidence and opportunity to be a leader in my community."

Student, Miller Technology High School and IEC

“The student coaches showed how empathetic they were; how interested they were in the primary school students. We saw a completely different side to them.”

Vice Principal, Canterbury Vale Primary School

“I was worried the kids won’t listen to me, but then I remembered what we learnt in class and it helped, it was so fun, now I can’t wait for next week”

Azhar, Student, Miller Tech High School

"We have seen suspensions decrease, truancy decrease, while engagement with academic work has improved, as well as their social interaction with each other"

Greg Lill, Principal, Jamison High School

“The facilitators are absolutely outstanding. The students loved every minute of the program and they were engaged and on-task at all times. I have only had absolutely brilliant feedback from every student.”

Teacher from Kingswood High School

“Students were enthusiastic and engaged, and have developed many important social and sporting skills”

Teacher from Fairfield IEC